I am a quasi-retired copyeditor and an avid reader in my personal life. I love to talk with other [avid] readers and exchange comments/opinions about books we’ve all recently read or would like to recommend to others.

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  1. lanette finical says:


    “Brave New World” it is sci-fition, it was written by Aldous Huxley. I found the book very enlighting.


    • shacoyo says:

      I have never read the book, so please tell me more about “Brave New World,” Lan, and especially why you found it so enlightening. I don’t usually buy sci-fi books, but, who knows? After your “review” of “Brave New World,” you just may turn me in that direction!

  2. Bob says:


  3. lanette finical says:


    Saw the Dicovery land today, make me think of ” Brave New World “.


    • shacoyo says:

      Hi, Lan! Great to see that you figured out how to get here, [too]! I knew it wouldn’t take you long. I’m not familiar with “Brave New World.” Is it book? If so, is it something you’d recommend I…and others…read?

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