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THE BOOKSHOP ON THE CORNER by Jenny Colgan: “The prospect is daunting. A meek, book-loving librarian who lost her job decides to buy an unruly van and transform it into a mobile bookshop in the wilds of Scotland. This adventure will require skills and courage she never knew she possessed and lead to places she couldn’t imagine. A wry charmer of a tale, filled with wit, romance, and [most importantly] lots of good books.” “Cheery and heartwarming escapism.” ~Sunday Mirror (UK)  [With the loss of Borders and the closing of many B&N locations here in California, the discontinuance of “printed books” seems to be inevitable, which will be a painful adjustment to those of us who still prefer the pleasure of reading and turning each page, the “welcoming smell” of a bookstore when you first enter, and the sight of the vast array of books that awaits people who enjoy the unending pleasure of touching, feeling, and reading the soon-to-be “old-fashioned way.” Sadly, this is known as “progress” when in reality, it’s a travesty.]



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