A Quote From My New Favorite Author…

“Pride in your work puts joy in your day.” (Amish Proverb *)

* Taken from GONE MISSING, written by Linda Castillo, whom I just “discovered” two months ago; so far, I have read her first three books, one after the other. I am currently reading the fourth and just received the fifth and sixth in the mail this morning…have also pre-ordered the seventh in the series (being released in paperback in early May) “starring” Chief of Police Kate Burkholder. The setting is Ohio (where I was born) and the murders of several Amish teenage girls/women (for the most part) and a number of Amish families. Since first “discovering” Greg Iles, and reading seven of his books in a row, one after the other, Castillo is the only other author I have enjoyed so much to the point that I just MUST continue to read every book in the series, because it’s simply impossible for me to read anything else until I finish all that Castillo has to offer regarding the main character, the setting, and most significantly, the Amish way of life, in which I grew up.

With that said, I obviously recommend this author and this specific series with great enthusiasm! Please check it out…I promise you won’t be sorry!


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