Book Review/Highly Recommended Reading

When I Found You, by Catherine Ryan Hyde

As with most of us, the front cover of a book is what initially draws my attention to it, followed, of course, by reading the synopsis on the back of a paperback (or inside jacket cover of a hard copy, whichever the case may be). In this case, the paperback cover synopsis follows…

“Nathan McCann thought he didn’t want a family. But when he finds an abandoned newborn in the woods, he feels an inexplicable bond with the boy and starts to make plans to raise the child as his own…until the baby’s grandmother steps forward to claim him. Nathan makes a request of her, though, to one day bring the boy to meet his rescuer.

Fifteen years later, the widowed Nathan gets his wish when the boy and his grandmother show up on his doorstep. Named Nat and now an angry teenager with a criminal record, the boy is once again in need of rescuing. Nathan takes Nat in, swearing to never abandon him. Nathan believes that with love and patience anyone can change. And he just might be right.

. . . a poignant tale of love, pain, and trusting people to stay by your side in a world where leaving is easy.”

When I Found You is by far one of the most heartwarming and poignant novels I’ve read in a very long time as it reveals the eventual bond that forms and grows between these two men and the gradual, gentle changes that take place in Nat, primarily because of Nathan’s love, guidance, and fulfillment of his promise to never abandon him when they first met, when Nat was 15.

If you like warm stories of hope and faith, and a different twist on the word “success,” When I Found You is definitely a must, which I highly recommend you read. Kudos and thank you to Ms. Hyde. I look forward to reading many of the 18 additional books you’ve written!


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