Helping Others

The following seven sites make it easy for you to help others: … … … … http://www.TheVeteransSite.comhttp://www.TheAnimalRescueSite.com **

Each site has a place in the upper right-hand corner of their Home page that reads [something like]:

“Remind me to visit daily” (followed by a place for you to enter your email address), and then click on “SUBSCRIBE.” You will receive a daily reminder from each of the first 6 to CLICK HERE – IT’S FREE and by doing so, you have helped the specific cause/organization involved.

** I have tried to do the same with the 7th site (Rainforest), but no matter how many times I enter my email address for a daily reminder, I never get one. So, after I do my thing on the first 6, I just go directly to Rainforest’s site and CLICK HERE.

It’s such an easy and wonderful way to help the organizations that are there for people, animals, and the world in general. I hope you’ll join me…it only takes a very [very] few minutes of your time every day. If you opt not to, thanks for your consideration nonetheless. Blessings…

PS: If you know of other sites like this, please share them with me so I can CLICK HERE even more…thanks.


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