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While this blog was initially and intentionally set-up for “opinionated” book reviews, since originated it has obviously been [widely] expanded to include many wonderful quotes that have touched my heart/soul/mind; “thoughts for the day”; “dedications” (to loved ones I have lost [and greatly miss]); “messages to the person who robbed me” (a recent addition and definitely NOT one of my favorites, but very therapeutic nonetheless); “words of wisdom” (e.g., Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, Eleanor Roosevelt); and so forth. Anyhow, thanks to my daughter’s (Michelle) suggestion, this, of course, will be my very first MOVIE RECOMMENDATION.

With that explanation now aside, today I had the distinct pleasure of seeing ENOUGH SAID starring James Gandolfini (sadly, his last movie before his untimely death) and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss. I never watched THE SOPRANOS so am not that familiar with Gandolfini’s role in that series ; however, being a SEINFELD fan, I became [and still am] a great fan of Julia’s. Well, the stories I have heard and read about Gandolfini NOT actually being anything even remotely close to the character he played on THE SOPRANOS is clear and extremely evident in this, his last movie, in which he played a role that presented me with a whole new and different “vision” of the “cuddly teddy bear guy” I’ve heard him to have actually been. And, Julia? Not too surprisingly, extraordinarily SUPERB in this role. Frankly (and while I don’t want to give anything away), as a couple, they could not have been more perfectly matched.

This movie was uplifting, enlightening, and (obviously) very well received by this viewer; therefore, if you get a chance to do yourself a [huge] favor, SEE THIS MOVIE. I guarantee that it will add joy, love, encouragement, and hope to your life.

(PS: Thanks for suggesting I do this, Michelle!)


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