Recommended Reading: “The Ice Princess”

I am one of the many [many] readers who thoroughly enjoyed (i.e., devoured, word for word) The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo  trilogy by Stieg Larsson . . . AND tremendously and enthusiastically L-O-V-E-D the European movie versions of each because the characters cast were perfect for their roles, matching my images [of each] as Larsson depicted/described them in his books.

Well, I recently lucked out again at a Barnes & Noble bargain-priced-book sale by picking up a copy of The Ice Princess by Swedish author Camilla Lackberg (with 2 little dots over the “a” in her last name). On the front cover, in fact, it reads: “The Ice Princess is a precisely layered, highly engrossing story. Stieg Larsson fans who give Lackberg’s novel a chance to seduce them will be rewarded.” – USA TODAY — and I am indeed being seduced and rewarded BIG time!

Just to [hopefully] entice you a little more: The main character, . . . “Erica Falck, returns to her tiny, remote hometown in . . . Sweden . . . to encounter the suicide of her childhood best friend, Alex . . .” (in fact, it’s Erica who finds Alex’s body) . . . “suspended in a bathtub of frozen water, her wrists slashed.” Needless to say, I’m trying to help Erica figure out who killed Alex, too, but no luck . . . so far!

As with many of the books I’ve read recently, this author is new to me, too, so I was interested to learn that she’s considered to be an “international crime-writing sensation” and that she’s written 6 other novels before this one. (You can visit her website at Frankly, I never considered myself a fan of Scandinavian crime literature per se . . . until I finished Larsson’s trilogy and have now added Ice Princess to my small but growing collection.

I highly recommend that you read this book; and, if you do, please share your opinions about it with me when you’ve finished doing so, as I enjoy sharing/discussing our different viewpoints about what we’ve mutually read.

PS: So far, IKEA has only been mentioned once!



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2 Responses to Recommended Reading: “The Ice Princess”

  1. Lori Hoskins says:

    Hey Shacoyo: I LOVED all 3 of the Larsson books. Re-read them and saw all of the movies, both American and Swedish. The Swedish much BETTER. See you for lunch in about an hour.
    Great Blog.

    • shacoyo says:

      Then you’ve definitely got good taste in books, too, AND the movie[s] that go with them. As I mentioned when we got together today, I saw the Swedish version of the movie…because the actors/actresses were so fantastic…perfect/”right on” matches to the characters in the books, I chose not to see the American version, too…why mess with perfection? Anyhow, after [at least] 25+ years, it was beyond GREAT seeing you today, Lori, and getting caught up with each other’s lives. Hope you get ICE PRINCESS…if you do, would love to hear what you think after you’ve read it. Meanwhile, we’ve just gotta do the “lunch thing” again…and, hopefully, very soon! xo

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