To the person who robbed me…

To the [assumed] “gentleman” who broke into the trunk of my car yesterday and stole $617.00 in cash and my checking/savings/[a] credit card account numbers AND now has my HOME ADDRESS, I wish to say that…

Ever the optimist that I believe myself to be, I’m choosing to think that you really NEEDED to steal from me…to take the money that I (ME, not YOU) worked long, hard hours to earn…so that you can survive and/or feed your family and pay your rent…whatever.

However, despite that optimistic concept, the angst your actions have caused me (e.g., 1-1/2 hours on the phone with B of A and the police last night PLUS 3-1/2 hours at B of A this morning to unfreeze and close out accounts [one of them for now] that I’ve had since 1984, so I can open new ones, PLUS taking care of the credit card situation, etc, and so forth PLUS having to return tomorrow morning so the other account can be unfrozen and closed out), believe me, settles much heavier on my heart than the fact that you stole from me for what I need to believe are/were “honorable” (for lack of a better word) reasons.

With that said, I am a true and firm believer in what-goes-around-comes-around and to you, [assumed] “sir,” I wish you the best of luck when that time comes for you, as it ultimately will [to all of us]. For now, I’m praying for you…and for myself to ultimately be able to forgive you.

(Michelle…thanks for talking me into starting this blog…it’s a GREAT place for me to share and, now, vent.)

PS: There may by typos in this…but, right now, I really don’t care…


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3 Responses to To the person who robbed me…

  1. Betty Frovarp says:

    So sorry to hear you had to go through this. As the day goes on you will think of more things that you have to do, my home was broken into years ago so I know how you feel. Betty

    • shacoyo says:

      Thanks, Betty. I’ve been robbed 2X a long time ago…my apartment and my office…this is a first for my car…and I pray the last. Since they unfroze my checking account this morning (which only took 5 minutes vs. the 3-1/2 hours yesterday to unfreeze my savings account), the aggravation is hopefully almost over except for getting checks for my new checking account (which B/A is graciously paying for) plus a replacement credit card for the one involved. Of course, the police “can do nothing.” They (2) were very expensive maggies I had, eh? Besides the angst and frustration, the only word I want to use right night is that I am very, VERY P-I-S-S-E-D and definitely feel violated big time! But, as the old adage goes, IT’S ONLY MONEY and thank God I wasn’t hurt. I will have to have Roxy’s door fixed, however, but it’s at least functional for now. The bastard had the tool he needed to open/unlock my the driver’s door, pull the switch inside to open the trunk, grab my banking stuff and flee like the scum he is. The end or I’ll keep going…love you…look forward to seeing you soon! xo

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