Bryce Courtenay (3rd quote from “The Power of One”)

Since this is an approximate 520-page hardback-cover book I’m reading (not including all the stuff before [e.g., dedication page] and after [i.e., Glossary]), as noted in earlier posts (which would be a grand total of 2, up to this point!) about this great read, I can’t “blow up” (aka: enlarge) the print, so I’m not advancing through the book as quickly as I would like to [and could]…if it were on my Nook. However, since it’s not…and…I’m not suffering too much, because I will always love “reading paper” ;o)…I have absolutely NO doubt but that I WILL definitely read it as quickly as possible, to the very end (excluding the Glossary, of course). Anyhow, in my enthusiasm and excitement, I digress (as usual)…so, finally…to the quote, the purpose of this post:

The main character, at this point in the book a young boy of about 6 years of age, asks a much older and [for these purposes] wiser woman: “How do you learn to have pride and courage,…?”

To which she responds: “Pride is holding your head up when everyone around you has theirs bowed. Courage is what makes you do it.”

[Truly: You really (really) MUST read this extraordinarily excellent and well-written book that I understand was also made into a movie (must check to see if it’s available through Netflix)]!


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