[2 “Synchronized”] Thoughts for the day…

(1) “The past should be the past. It can destroy the future. Live life for what tomorrow has to offer…not for what yesterday has taken away.” (Thanks, Susie, for sharing this on Facebook.)

(2) “Keep moving forward and only look back to see how far [you’ve] come.” ( – Annetta Powell)

[Great reminders for me, particularly, to keep the “past” where it belongs because if I don’t, it WILL/CAN destroy my future, whatever that may be. Personally…have been there and done that on numerous occasions, so would definitely prefer looking back to see how far I have come and what I’ve achieved and accomplished…whether despite and/or because of my past!]


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Quasi-retired, freelance copyeditor. Web site: www.redline-editing.com
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