MINE by Robert R. McCammon

This is truly the BEST BOOK I’VE READ [since the last best book I’ve read]. Again, a new author to me (thanks, Lyle, for introducing him to me).

What would you do to get your newborn baby back? Well, as most of us would, Laura [the birth mother] literally went through hell and back pursuing Mary Terrell (referred to in the book as “Mary Terror”…a nickname she rightfully earned)!

“A psychotic leaves a trail of murder victims in her wake after she kidnaps a newborn child and goes off to join a revolutionary group to which she belonged during the ’60s. Although McCammon portrays his left-wing characters as motivated by adolescent rebellion rather than by radical politics, ‘he delivers an expertly constructed novel of suspense and horror.'” [- Publishers Weekly]

As most of you know, avid reader that I am, I always read more than one book at a time (rotating chapter by chapter per book). Each day, of the three I was then currently enjoying, MINE was always the first I started with before going on with the other two! Starting on the first page, this is a fast-paced page turner you will NOT regret reading! Enjoy! (And if you follow my advice, please let me know if you agree…or not…which I can’t imagine!)


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