Lisa Gardner

One of my favorite things to do in my life is walk [completely] through the aisles/lanes of the  Orange County (Costa Mesa, CA) swap-meet on Sundays…GREAT booths/finds…and, because it’s so extensive,  definitely GREAT exercise for me as well! ;o)

With that said, and being a professional copyeditor aside, avid/veracious reader that I am in my “personal life,” with my most recently-read-books’ notebook in-hand, a couple of weeks ago I visited my customary two booths of used books (sometimes I get lucky and find a third or even a fourth!) that I just love to browse…where…in the very first…I found a copy of Lisa Gardner’s LOVE YOU MORE (for only a buck!). I read SO many books that I have “backed off” Gardner for a while, primarily because she was presenting “Danielle Steele” or “Sandra Brown” samo-samo plots to me…(i.e., only the characters’ names were [basically] different). Fortunately, as one of Gardner’s many D.D. Warren character fans, LOVE YOU MORE definitely does NOT disappoint. As also reviewed by The Star-Ledger, I’m finding myself being “[led]…on a breathless search until the final pages.”

Welcome back to my ever-expanding library of your renderings, Lisa…I’ve truly missed you and highly recommend this, your [2011/12] offering to all of your fans…in other words, a great read that I highly recommend and hope all of you will enjoy as much as I am!

Happy reading!


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