Joyce Maynard

I was first introduced to this author in May of this year when I downloaded LABOR DAY to my Nook. Since Maynard was new to me at the time, I’m delighted that ordering LABOR DAY turned out to be such a great decision. Because it was such a wonderful read, I decided to try another of her books…THE GOOD DAUGHTERS…which I downloaded to my Nook on 08/04/2012 and finished last night.

To briefly quote only part of B&N’s overview (reminder: They do the overview much better than I could ever even hope to attempt!):

“Two families, the Planks and the Dickersons, are mysteriously entwined in this exquisite novel that centers on decades of life at a New Hampshire farm. Youngest daughters Ruth Plank and Dana Dickerson, born on the same day in the same hospital [into families that could hardly have been less alike], take turns narrating the struggles they face as children. Ruth feels a coldness from her mother; Dana is unsettled by her kooky parents constantly uprooting her and her brother Ray. Regardless, the Planks pay a yearly visit to the Dickersons no matter where they’ve ended up living.”

I could go on and on in my own overview words; but if I did, you wouldn’t have to read the book, which I highly recommend that you do. Maynard so beautifully portrays a relationship in THE GOOD DAUGHTERS and the definition (for lack of a better word right now) of the absolute ultimate test of a deep and true love between two people. (Even though I knew what was eventually going to happen, I got to that part while eating dinner at a restaurant yesterday and wept opening as I read what the outcome/conclusion of that ultimate test was.)

Wonderful cast of characters: GREAT READ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

(You can tell when I’m REALLY excited/enthused about a book because I use a multitude of [i.e., way too many] exclamation marks!)


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