[Classic] Dave Barry (you just gotta read his philosophy on this one!)

“An example of American inventiveness is ‘Buffalo-style’ chicken wings. For many years, nobody ate chicken wings, and for a good reason: they are inedible. They are essentially meat-free bones. You might as well chew on a plate of toenails. [Eeeeuwwwww!] But one day a shrewd restaurant owner came up with the idea of serving the wings ‘Buffalo-style,’ which means ‘to people who have been drinking beer.’ Today, ‘Buffalo-style’ chicken wings are served in restaurants all over the nation: The waitperson brings out a plate of bones, the customers gnaw on them for a while, and then the waitperson takes them back to the kitchen, where they’re run through the dishwasher and placed on a plate for the next set of customers to gnaw on.”

[Yet another reason why I’m glad that I’m a vegetarian!]


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