[Classic] Dave Barry

“As you are aware, for many years the National Pretend Speed Limit was fifty-five miles per hour (metric equivalent: 378 kilograms per hectare). This limit was established during the Energy Crisis, when America went through a scary gasoline shortage caused by the fact that for about six straight months, everybody in America spent every waking moment purchasing gasoline. Remember? (Yes, Dave, I sure do!) We all basically went insane. The instant our car’s fuel gauge got down to fifteen-sixteenths of a tank, we raced to a service station and spent a couple of hours waiting in line with hundreds of other gasoline-obsessed Americans.”

(These days, much like waiting in line for over an hour at Costco because they’re selling their gas for only $3.59 a gallon.)


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Quasi-retired, freelance copyeditor. Web site: www.redline-editing.com
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