I’ve been extraordinarily remiss in using this blog for its original intent by getting sidetracked with Thoughts/Day, etc., because I’ve been consuming/reading so many books, I just haven’t had (taken) the time to talk about them. But I’ve just finished reading what has to be the best, bar none, J.A. Jance book that I have read thus far: KISS OF THE BEES.

As a kindred spirit to the beliefs, wisdom, and ideals, if you will, of Native Americans, I am fascinated by Jance’s abililty to combine the lore of the “Tohono O’odham” with an evil serial killer, Carlisle,  and his one mission in life: to fulfill his vendetta against the Walker family…and most specifically the mother, Diana, for destroying his life. Even though Carlisle (the monster) ultimately dies in prison, “his malevolence lives on…in another.”

Published in 2000, I quickly devoured the BEES’ 600 pages with great enthusiasm, becoming part of the life of the Native-American teenager (Lani) adopted by the Walkers, who had been “kissed by the bees” and destined to become a woman of great spiritual power.

Kudos and much appreciation to J.A. Jance for this magnificent novel, which clearly demonstrates why she is considered a “critically acclaimed master of suspense.”


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