Stieg Larrson (the Hornet book & movie)

The 2-1/2 hour movie didn’t follow the book as closely as the first two. In fact, it was incredible to me that they could squash the first half of the book into the first 27 minutes of the film. There were some great scenes in the book that weren’t even touched on in the movie, so reading all three books before seeing the three films is a must or you’ll definitely get lost in the third one. Fortunately, the same “stars” played the same characters. After removing the bullet from her head, I didn’t think the hair on the right side of Salander’s head would EVER grow back. Somehow, between the second and third movies, she also lost her boob job. Not too difficult keeping up with the subtitles either because there was lots (and lots) of movie with absolutely NO dialogue whatsoever. Pompous copyeditor that I am, I would, of course, LOVED to have been able to redline what they did provide! Discrepancies aside, Salander endured, triumphed in the end, and remains my all-time hero. Another ya-ya for you, sister!


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