Stieg Larsson (the Fire movie)

2:09:34 hours…BRAVO for being able to condense so much action into [only] that length of time. The guy who played Salander’s bro, Ronald Niederman, was RIGHT ON! The guy who played Zana, her father, was ALMOST right, but for as vile as he was, not “evil-looking” enough. I am reminded toward the end about how lucky Lisbeth was that Niederman dug such a shallow grave. The conclusion of #2 was quite a bit different from the book, but it was close enough so that I want to hasten my reading of #3/”Hornet’s Nest” so I can see how close the film version is able to parallel the conclusion of this great trilogy. (By the way, Salander’s choice of furniture, other furnishings, etc. very much resemble my own…all from IKEA!)


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