Stieg Larsson (the Tattoo movie)

I know I should have done my research about name spellings, etc., before posting this, but I’m too excited to do so.

I just spent 2:26:29 hours watching the Swedish version of “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,” the movie. In one word: MAGNIFICENT! Don’t recall ever seeing a movie that followed the book so precisely! It is SO great to be able to put faces with the two main characters.

The actress who plays Lisbeth Salander is more Lisbeth than Lisbeth is (and that’s not a good sentence, but it’s precise). As I watched her, she reminded me of a mixture of Jamie Lee Curtis (a much shorter version, of course) and just a tad of Sandra Bullock…and Harmon (whose first name I can’t remember right now). And the actor who plays Mikael Blomkvist is RIGHT ON (another Joe Namath…the second name [spelling] I should have checked before rushing to the keyboard to post this)!

BRAVO! Best 2:26:29 hours I’ve spent watching a movie in a very, very long time! I recommended the book, and I am absolutely, positively recommending the foreign movie version, too! (Of course, you’ve gotta love subtitles!)


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2 Responses to Stieg Larsson (the Tattoo movie)

  1. shacoyo says:

    I can quickly say, without even thinking about it or pondering my answer beyond a hasty and resounding, NO, that I would not have watched the movie if I had not read the book[s] beforehand. Actually, wouldn’t have even been remotely/mildly interested. And, as I reflect on that, frankly, I would not have even purchased/read any of the trilogy, had you not sent me the first two; therefore, since I’m enjoying them so tremendously, thanks for doing so, Dano! Needless to say, I’m looking forward to watching #2 (“Girl/Fire”) soon. Interesting to me as well is that the third movie/DVD is now available on Netflix, but it’s not yet out in paperback (except for the Spanish or Large Print versions). Obviously, I’m holding off on watching that one until I finish reading my [Large Print] copy/version!

  2. Dan says:

    As you know, I am one of the few that stands on the other side of enthusiasm for these books.
    That being said, I wonder, if you would have watched this movie and enjoyed it as much, if you had not read the book?

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