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“When something can be read without effort, great effort has gone into its writing.”


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  1. shacoyo says:

    Welcome! Since I have always had a high regard [and greatly value] your opinions about the books you read, I am delighted that you have been able to visit my blog, Alice.

    As I continue to read through Larsson’s “Tattoo” (almost finished!), I find myself more and more curious about/drawn to Salander, so your likening her to Filomena has me intrigued. Will pick up a copy of “Soft Money” and get back to you…thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Alice says:

    SOFT MONEY, by k.j.a. wishnia (1999)
    Mystery fanatics, hear me out! This Ecuadoran author, longtime US resident, produced a string of titles for his female detective, Filomena Buscarsela. I’ve just tried one—Soft Money—and can’t wait to continue. His style is as visceral as Stieg Larsson’s trilogy, Girl Who… Since Larsson’s placed in bestseller lists for months it may be helpful to compare Lisbeth Salandar, his lady sleuth/blackmailer/hacker to Filomena. Both have been severely abused in childhood, yet are driven to correct corporate crime through guts and devious acts.
    Filomena fled Ecuador to join the Puerto Rican barrios of Manhattan. A single mom, former cop, she meets us upon starting a quest to bring down a nonprofit organization that fronts for a major polluter. She goes undercover as an office clerk with close ties to NYPD former co-workers. The little network of after-hours detection goes to the root of NY politics, money, and sham/glam fundraising. Filomena tirelessly exposes the sociopathic and seemingly legitimate poisoners.
    But I warn you—tactics are brutal. Remember to breathe as you follow Filomena’s forays to the dark, dark side of corporate convention. Much like Larsson’s Salander.

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