Terri Blackstock

I just love to read new authors…at least new to me, and I really got lucky with this one. Usually I find them in the Bargain section of B&N but this one caught my daughter’s eye on a recent Sunday when we went to the swap meet and stopped to browse at my favorite book booth. The owners had their tables displayed with the $1.00 books they were selling that day, in the midst of which was this wonderfully thick (750+ pages) paperback consisting of TWO books in one (for a buck!) written by Terri Blackstock: “Cape Refuge” and “Southern Storm” from her “Cape Refuge Series.”

Cape Refuge is an island in the waters off Savannah, Georgia. Idyllic, or so it would seem. The books are categorized as “suspense,” which is true…refreshingly, there’s a lot of faith mixed in as well and how easily that faith in God is questioned by one sister and lost by another over the brutal double-murder of their parents.

The “page turner” expression definitely applies to the first of the two (“Cape Refuge”) that I am currently reading, and as I glance through Ms. Blackstock’s other credits, a couple more of the “Cape Refuge Series” await me: Book 3, “River’s Edge” (murder/suspense) and the 4th, “Breaker’s Reef” (murder/mystery).

When I get excited about an author, I have a tendency to want to rush out to buy every book they’ve ever written. Hmm, wonder what time B&N opens this morning…or should I wait to see if I get lucky at my favorite swap-meet booth again? For now, it’s probably best that I just continue with the two I have…and THEN rush out to buy the other two. Meanwhile, if you like a good, refreshingly “clean,” suspense/murder mystery from time to time, I’m only half way through “Cape Refuge” and already recommend Terri Blackstock…she’s an excellent author…I can already tell that this entire series is going to be a very good read!


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5 Responses to Terri Blackstock

  1. shacoyo says:

    Well, this is the first opportunity I’ve had to get here to report that I finished “Southern Storm” several days ago. (And don’t you just love books that are SO great, you just HAVE to finish reading the last 62 pages before you can go to sleep?! If so, “these are definitely those”!)

    Anyhow, if possible, “…Storm” is even better than “Cape Refuge,” so I can only imagine the pleasure I’m going to get by reading the remaining two books in this 4-part series. While I didn’t rush out to my nearest bookstore to buy them immediately after finishing “…Storm,” I did just order them online from B&N and am already looking forward with great enthusiasm to reading more about the spiritual growth of this wonderful family.

    “How blessed is the man whose strength is in Thee; In whose heart are the highways to Zion.” (Psalm 84:5, in the NASB translation) Finding it necessary to do a “quick study” of the Bible about the cities of refuge, Blair, the younger of the two sisters, who didn’t believe in God or the power of prayer, now does…which, to me, is the perfect way to segue into “River’s Edge”!

    • shacoyo says:

      Delighted to report that #3 (“River’s Edge”) and #4 (“Breaker’s Reef”) are in the house!! I started reading #3 within minutes of taking it out of the B&N box, so stay tuned for what I anticipate will be yet another enthusiastic review!

  2. shacoyo says:

    Just finished reading Blackstock’s “Cape Refuge” last night. This first book of the series promised to be a “tale of suspense and faith that will keep you turning the pages long past midnight,” and it did not disappoint. Why their parents were brutally murdered is certainly explained; and one of the sister’s faith in God is renewed, while the other’s is “maybe starting to come around.” Especially enjoyable for me in suspenseful mysteries like this one (aka: whodunits) are the surprise endings…you know the ones…where you’re absolutely positive s/he did it right up to five pages before the ending, only to find out at the top of the next-to-the-last page that it was the one you thought could NOT have possibly done such a horrible thing in a million years! If you like those, too, be sure to read “Cape Refuge”!

    With that said, I now move enthusiastically on to “Southern Storm.” Looks like I just may have to rush out to buy the third and fourth books in the series sooner than I initially thought, eh?

  3. mimacoyo says:

    You might also like Dee Henderson. Let me know when you “need” new books to read.

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