Joseph Badal

There is nothing better for an editor than working on a book they canNOT put down, and I had the distinct pleasure of working on two written by this author! Through a local publisher I worked with, I edited Joe Badal’s first book, “The Pythagorean Solution” in 2003 and then saw him again in 2004 when I edited his second book, “Terror Cell.” When I learned a few weeks ago that he had written a third book, “The Nostradamus Secret,” and was coming through Southern California on a book-signing tour, I was the first in line at Borders/South Coast Plaza this past Saturday and thrilled when he so graciously inscribed/signed my copy of each book.

Both exciting page-turners that I can guarantee you will NOT want to put down, either, “The Pythagorean Solution” is set in the Greek isles and takes us on an adventure about an attempt to decipher a coded map that leads to violence and death, and a decades-long-sunken treasure. “Terror Cell” is set against the backdrop of the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece, and a deadly struggle between the CIA and terrorists hell-bent on disrupting the Games.

And now we have “The Nostradamus Secret,” which, according to the cover, “builds on Nostradamus’s ‘lost’ 58 quatrains [that] have surfaced in the hands of a wealthy Iranian megalomaniac who believes his rise to world power was prophesied by Nostradamus.” I started reading it last night and already find that I can’t put it down!

If you like suspense, mystery, and international intrigue, you’re going to find it all, and so much more, in Joe’s books!


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3 Responses to Joseph Badal

  1. Julie says:

    Sharon, thanks for the tip. This author sounds right up my alley. Keep up the blogging, you are doing great.

    • shacoyo says:

      I don’t know about how great I’m doing with the blogging, but thanks, Julie. All positive words and encouragement of this, my latest adventure, are most gratefully accepted and appreciated! For now, I can attest to the fact that I’m having lots of fun with it. As for Joseph Badal, I have started reading “The Nostradamus Secret,” and, as anticipated, canNOT put it down. Plain and simple, Joe is one of the best authors I’ve ever had the pleasure to edit and (especially) read. (Regrettably, as an aside, it IS possible to edit books but not particularly care to read them!) In this case, and especially if you like Mystery/Thrillers/International Intrigue, I recommend “The Nostradamus Secret” most highly.

      • shacoyo says:

        Just finished reading this gem last night. As anticipated, it does NOT disappoint. Much like “hearing [only] what you want to hear,” have you ever read and/or [mis]interpreted something in print that you thought was written just for YOU or predicted was going to occur only for you…and believe it so strongly that you’ll do ANYthing and EVERYthing to make it a reality? In this case, NOT a good thing. As promised on the back cover of the book, “‘The Nostradamus Secret’ presents nonstop action in a contemporary context that will make you wonder whether the story is fact or fiction, history or prophecy.” Well, Joe definitely “did his homework” by including all four of those possibilities, all of which leave you wondering…

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