Stieg Larsson

It is VERY rare, if not inconceivable, for me to be up at this hour (after 11:00 PM!!)…but…just recently home from visiting and dining with friends. Finally settled into bed…picked up Larsson’s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo…on page 145, delighted to see that he spelled the following word the “old-fashioned” way: CANCELLED (yay! with 2 Ls)!


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  1. Dan Harrison says:

    I think I am going to be in the minority on this one….but I don’t get it. I mean, really, did we have to wade thru a shopping trip to IKEA, with every item called out as to its specific name?
    I found myself reading the first sentence of two of each paragraph, and skipping large chunks of narrative……and not being any worse for it.
    Never thought I would read beyond #1….but finish #2…..and that is it. Done.

    • shacoyo says:

      Not that I’m taking a survey, but from others I’ve talked with who have read all three, yours are the only negative comments I have heard thus far. As I’ve mentioned to you in the past, I usually [only] give books about 50 pages and if I’m not enthralled or at least even remotely enjoying the book by then, they’re history! With your reaction to Larsson, that you were actually able to read or even skim through the first one (and skipping [aka: avoiding] paragraphs and/or pages of a book is definitely a very bad sign!), much less moving on through the second, is a phenomenal accomplishment, to say the least, Dano. I really appreciate you sending me the first two and am, of course, ever optimistic that I’m going to continue to enjoy them so I can proceed to #3…stay tuned!

      PS: I haven’t made it to that part yet but since I’m such a huge fan of the store, I’m very curious about the shopping trip to IKEA!

  2. shacoyo says:

    Somehow, my literary friend, I am not too surprised that you have already made your way through all three! From what I have read about Larsson, his fame is very reminiscent of artists who paint the perfect picture (or, perhaps not so perfect at the time) and, yet, they are oftentimes not recognized (aka: famous) until AFTER they have died…sad, and yet, somehow, very ironic and poignant. At this point, I’m almost halfway through the first, thoroughly enthralled, and looking forward to moving on to “The Girl Who Played with Fire”!

    • Alice says:

      Lisbeth Salander may shock you with outrageous antics, and carry you along with her genious of snooping. But make no mistake, she has many more facets. Not all are revealed in the first book “….Dragon Tattoo.” It requires “…Played with Fire” and “…Kicked the Hornet’s Nest” to fully appreciate her strengths, personal catastrophes, and razor sharp mind.
      An American film is now in production for “…Dragon Tattoo.”

      • shacoyo says:

        I enjoyed discussing your reaction to these books yesterday and am looking forward to reading through all three…and then discussing them with you again!

  3. Sheila says:

    I wes captivated by all three of Steig’s books. He’s to me a literary genius. So sad that he did not live to enjoy that success.

    • shacoyo says:

      Well, I just finished “Tattoo” and have to agree with your use of the word “captivating,” Sheila. In fact, if I had more than two thumbs, I’d be holding them all up very, very high in the air right now…in the alternate, I’ll opt for two high-fives!

      As mentioned earlier, based on mixed reviews from other friends and colleagues who have read the trilogy, I started out as a skeptic, wondering if I’d even like the first one at all. Since I typically only give a book around 50 pages to decide whether I’m going to read on or not, I was still thinking that I could “go either way” by about page 175; in fact, since it was still holding my interest, at that point, I even classified it as “good.” I’m guessing it must have been probably around the 180-page mark that it was on its way to “great”; and by the end, I definitely categorized Larsson as a literary genius, too!

      Initially, because her role was so “sketchy,” I was quite curious and intrigued by Salander…at the conclusion, no-nonsense, highly intelligent chick that she is, she definitely became a huge part of my forever and always belief in the bond of the ya-ya sisterhood! Hang tight, Salander!

      Needless to say, I’m looking forward with much greater enthusiasm to reading “Fire.” Stay tuned…

      • shacoyo says:

        I am almost halfway through “Fire” and am loving every minute of it, so much so that I have already ordered and received “Hornet’s Nest” (which I understand has only recently been released in paperback in Spanish and “Large Print,” the latter of which was my obvious choice)! I’m so anxious to start on the 3rd book in this trilogy that I’m trying to hasten my way through the 2nd as quickly as possible. For me, at this point, Salander remains even more intriguing and still “rules”! Ya-ya, sister…

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